About Me

Fear Led Me To My Passion . . .

I’d always been interested in natural health and beauty habits but my interest was heightened in 2016 when my doctor alerted me to a large group of damaged tissue cells which he explained were pre-cancerous. To be more precise, he said they were on the borderline of becoming pre-cancerous. As far as he was concerned, there was no cause for immediate alarm, nor a cause for treatment. He suggested that I return periodically to undergo an uncomfortable tissue removal procedure where they would test and monitor the damage.

Despite his attempts to relax me, I was terrified. I mean, he was using the “C” word for pete’s sake… CANCER! I wanted to do something, anything to stop the progression but all the doctor could say was that they would have to wait for it to progress to pre-cancer or official cancer status before they could address it at all.

So here I was at 29 years old, paying out of pocket for expensive and painful testing just so medical professionals could confirm that my condition had or hadn’t worsened. I felt helpless, and became overwhelmed with self-pity. I didn’t want to just sit around and wait for this to become a bigger problem. I couldn’t afford the medical bills nor would I want to endure further testing/procedures/bills should the situation progress. I just wanted it to go away.

Empowered to take matters into my own hands I began conducting research into ways that I might boost my immune system and supercharge my organs. Everything I came accross urged me to adopt a more plant-based diet. I’ll admit, at first I went all out with a vegan diet but it didnt last very long. Such a drastic change had me overwhelmed about what to eat, what to buy, what to cook, and it became just another thing for me to stress over each day.

Food is a very intimate part of our lives. Major events and gatherings are often centered around meals and we even associate certain foods with our family culture/tradition. Realizing that I shouldnt beat myself up for failing to do a full 180 on 25+ years of eating habits in one week, and not wanting to just give up all together, I decided to give myself some grace and take baby steps to better dietary habits.

So, I became a pescatarian to decrease my meat consumption and  focused on what I wanted to add to my diet, rather than what I needed to remove.  I was preparing 95% of my meals at home from scratch and adding vegetables into every dish. Overtime, my palate changed and I began to really enjoy, even crave, foods that I never would have in the past. Things like chickpeas, veggie-based pasta, and mushrooms became staples in our home. I became more concious at the grocery store as well as in my kitchen, and felt really good about the meals I was preparing for my family. My weight leveled out with minimal exercise and my skin cleared up too!

After 3 years of maintaining this new lifestyle, my doctor noticed my condition beginning to reverse itself and asked me what I was doing different. At this point, I was completely SOLD on the power of plant nutrition! Not only was I resolved to never change my diet back to what it was, but I was inspired to expand my plant-powered meal repertoire, and learn more about nutrition as medicine.

Fast forward to 2021 and my tests are coming back completely normal! No signs of tissue damage, and no signs of cancer. Talk about tears of joy! How could this experience not change me? How could I go back to my old lifestyle knowing what I know now? It’s important to note that it was more than dietary changes that led me here. It took major mindset changes too, and so you’ll find guides on this site for both nutritional and mental enrichment.

I am so grateful to share my journey with you and look forward to locking arms with you on your own journey to a heathier, happier you. 

My Mission

Preventative Maintenance is the name of my game.
After watching family members age with pain, discomfort, and chemical dependencies, I want to do everything I can to keep both my body and mind at peak function well into my senior years. Learning first-hand what the power of plant nutrition can do to enhance livelihood has empowered me to inspire others in this pursuit.

Too often we rely on pharmaceuticals to mask our ailments but that’s all they really do, mask them. They rarely solve the problem at the root. Instead, they create dependency and oftentimes  generate further issues where there were none before.

I wish to inspire my friends and family to take a more natural approach to their health by showing them that proper diet and exercise is a stronger and more lasting remedy than nearly everything they have stocked in the medicine cabinet.

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