managing mental health during covid19

Managing Mental Health During Covid19

As if we didn’t already have enough on our minds, along came Coronavirus with a slew of new challenges. We do our best to navigate these unprecedented times, but the fear and uncertainty surrounding us is palpable and from time to time we ourselves become immersed.
Now more than ever our mental well-being must be a top priority. In fact, managing mental health during covid19 will play a major role in how we experience these challenges and how we’re affected by them.

It is important to understand that our thoughts are sacred because they determine our livelihood. They inspire our external words and actions which ultimately shape our environment. Thus, covid19 or otherwise, it is in all of our best interests to be mindful of our thought patterns and do everything we can to steer them in a direction that would create a positive outcome. The good news is that even in cases where an experience could not be prevented or avoided, we still have control over our thoughts about it and in this way we are able to charge forward, rewriting our future.

So how are we managing mental health on a daily basis, or more importantly, how are we managing mental health during covid19?

“The world doesn’t give you what you want or desire.
It gives you who you are.
Your identity shapes your experience.”

-Michael Beckwith

To put it frankly, our thoughts are inspired by the content we absorb.
Thus, changing our thought process begins with changing our input.

If I were to ask you to name the person that knows you best, the person you speak to more than anyone else, you’d probably name a family member or a close friend. In truth, this person is yourself. We talk to ourselves all day long and most of the time, we don’t even notice we’re doing it.
Would you tell your best friend that they are worthless, a failure, or that they are just not good enough? Of course not. Your first instinct is to lift their spirits by reminding them of the great qualities they possess, and that their struggle is not the sum of who they are as a person. You would encourage them to forge on.

Why then don’t we automatically do this for ourselves as well? Why is it that we are the worst critics of ourselves? In response to a personal set-back we almost never view ourselves as complicatedly beautiful, resilient and capable human beings. Instead, we focus on the problem and chastise ourselves with harsh, exaggerated internal dialogue. “You’re a failure.” “Why do you even bother?” “You’ll never make it.” “You’re not good enough.”
The list goes on.

Talking to ourselves this way ensues a toxic cycle that manipulates our biochemistry, drains our energy and alters the way we interpret the world around us. Being aware of our inner dialogue and learning how to use affirmations for empowerment will help us maneuver around life’s obstacles faster and more favorably. The books; Think and Grow Rich, and The Power of the Subconscious Mind are both wonderful introductions to managing mental health through the power of self-talk and self-image.

Our self-talk isn’t the only input we have to contend with. In today’s fast-paced, technology-based world we are exposed to a plethora of ever-changing content from one moment to the next. As we stream our favorite shows, search the web, tune in to our favorite radio station, or scroll social media; we are barraged with ads, headlines, inside scoops on the lives of complete strangers, unsolicited opinions and probably a photo or two of someone’s lunch order.

Your health is what you make of it.

Everything you do and think either adds to the vitality, energy, and spirit you possess or takes away from it.”

-Ann Wigmore

It’s vital then for us to disconnect from time to time as it helps us relax and reset. The real challenge though is to be more mindful of your disconnection source to ensure it is not simply a distraction. We’re all guilty of getting swept up in tv marathons or social media surfing. The problem with this is that these activities are not actually relaxing and recharging us. We are instead, diverting our mental energy to something else. We are distracting ourselves from our progression while failing to properly charge our minds.

The sad thing is that when you think about it, these distractions all seem to come in the form of watching someone else’s life unfold, fictitious or not. Imagine what we could accomplish if we’d direct that much energy and attention into our own livelihood?

It is up to us to choose our input wisely. We do this by intentionally selecting informative, pleasant, uplifting content and limiting our exposure to sights and sounds that will breed fear and doubt. We recommend cleaning up friends lists on social media and joining groups like ours that will introduce you to a community of growth-minded people while sprinkling empowering content into your news feed every day.


“We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”


Managing mental health during covid19 will play a major role in how we experience these challenges and how we’re effected by them but it will not be our only defense.

It is important that we also practice self-love by respecting our body’s basic needs. We must make the effort to maintain a steady sleep cycle, hydrate, exercise regularly, and aim for a proper nutritional foundation. This can be particularly challenging but necessary as these practices work in synergy with our mental state, making it all the more easy to rise above and beyond anything life throws at us. And let’s face it, Covid19 or not, life will forever be throwing surprises our way. Learning to manage our mental and physical health is our best chance to show up at 100% not only for ourselves but for the ones we love.

In closing, we can better manage our mental health during covid19, and beyond, by being more mindful of our input and practicing self-love. This means taking control of the types of content we absorb each day, and in what amounts, as well as resting and fueling our bodies for optimal mood and performance.

If you’ve found this information enlightening please share it with your community. As you’ve learned, surrounding ourselves with happy, healthy, motivated individuals can do wonders for our own well-being. This is your opportunity to help build-up the people around you.



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