"Maintaining a healthy mind & body has rippling effects on our quality of life. Not only does it attract people that challenge and inspire us, it dominos into better opportunities in all aspects of our lives, and it ensures that we have the agility and resilience to enjoy these opportunities as we age. With very few exceptions, we're all born healthy, happy and beautiful. Everything we need to prosper in life is already inside of us and the fuel we feed our fires with directly determines how we experience our time on this earth."

-Nicole Bartlett (@NikB_Sugaree)

I had always been drawn to mental health and balanced diet but my interest was heightened in 2016 when my doctor alerted me to a large group of damaged tissue cells which he explained were pre-cancerous.  To be more precise he said they were on the boarder-line of becoming pre-cancerous.  As far as he was concerned, there was no cause for immediate alarm nor a cause for treatment.  He suggested that I return each year to undergo an uncomfortable tissue removal procedure where they would test and monitor the damage.  Despite his attempts to relax me, I was terrified. I mean, he was using the “C” word for pete’s sake… CANCER!

I wanted to do something, anything to stop the progression
but all the doctor could say was that they would have to wait for it to become pre-cancerous before they could address it at all. So here I was at 29 years old, paying out of pocket for expensive and painful testing just so the medical professionals could confirm that my condition had or hadn’t worsened.  I felt helpless.  I had become overwhelmed with self-pity.  I didn’t want to wait for this to become a problem.  I couldn’t afford the medical bills nor would I want to endure further testing/procedures.  I just wanted it to go away.

Empowered to take matters into my own hands I began conducting research into ways that I might boost my immunity and supercharge my organs.
  I had always known that food is medicine but now it took on a deeper meaning for me.  I made drastic changes to my diet by becoming a pescatarian. This is essentially a vegetarian who eats fish/seafood.  I found that veganism was too drastic of a change for me to sustain long-term and so I opted for baby steps. For me, this meant switching to pescatarianism while cutting back on dairy products and processed foods. Knowing that diet is not all there is to wellness, I also began exercising 3-5 times a week.
After 3 years of maintaining this new lifestyle, my doctor has confirmed that there is less damage than before and that my condition may be reversing itself! It is not gone completely but I am proud of this accomplishment and now further motivated to continue in this pursuit of prevention through natural, whole body health.  As usually happens when you dedicate yourself to a particular concept, I began to meet more and more likeminded people and joined a plethora of health-conscious groups on the internet for further tips and motivation.

My research into plant-based nutrition and its effects on our immune system and brain function continues to fascinate me. It’s unleashed a passion I never knew I had. I now understand that my body is a machine and it must be ‘greased and fueled’ properly.  Preventative Maintenance is now the the name of my game. After seeing my own family members age with pain, stress, and chemical dependencies (and also experiencing my own health scare) I want to do everything I can to keep both my body and mind at peak function. I also wish to inspire others in this pursuit and am now obtaining certifications as a Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach.

Too often we rely on pharmaceuticals to mask our ailments but that’s all they really do, mask them. They don’t solve the problem at the root, they create dependency and oftentimes they even generate further issues where there were none before. I wish to inspire my community to take a more natural approach to wellness by expressing that proper diet and exercise is a stronger and more lasting remedy than nearly everything we have stocked in our medicine cabinets.

This website is designed for the purpose of expanding this community of Holistic Wellness and enlightening, inspiring, and connecting us with the resources and information needed to thrive as naturally as possible.  

Maximize Your Natural Potential

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